NoVA Breast Cancer Center

Things to Consider and Know Before Your Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction

1) The Breast Cancer School for Patients:  A trove of educational and updated material (videos and written).

2) Tips and Guidance for your Post-Operative Care:

1) Post-Operative Drain Care

2) Post-Operative Clothing:

A) A comfortable shirt/top that can be easily undone from the front and is loose-fitting. Ideally, a shirt/top that has pockets to support drains can be very helpful.

An example of such a product is the “Recovery Tees” found at Courage to Conquer Cancer.
Or alternatively, a mastectomy drainage pouch holder; this is a belt that has pockets. Such a product can be found online at amazon.

B) Bras – You will go home from surgery with 1 hospital bra. It would be beneficial to have 1 additional bra. A bra that is soft, comfortable and adjustable is helpful. Some come with hooks to support/hold the drains.




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